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Vicki Wusche is proud to announce the arrival of her third book….

This book will challenge your beliefs and shock your sense of financial security. It asks what do you really know about money and how it works! Do you want to be part of the masses lulled into a false sense of security that everything will be alright? This book will explain what school failed to teach you! How money works and how to buy property. For you, your family and your children.

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The book was launched at the Great British Business Show on Thursday 22nd November 2012. To download a free chapter of the book follow this link.
This book will shock you and then enable you to make the most important decision of your life …. the decision to take responsibility for your own financial future and that of your family.

The Government cannot support us, we are living too long. The pension system can’t cope, the NHS can’t cope, the Stock Market is too volitile to rely on – but we all need somewhere to live.

Vicki explains how she taught her daughter to buy her own property with no money from the bank of Mum and Dad! Age 22 year Kimberley learned about how money worked, what the lenders wanted, what made a good investment. Could you teach this to your children? This book will show you how.

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                           Special offer price £12.99 (normal price £15.99)



Really Excited!

Vicki Wusche

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